Sex rooms are defenitely a trending issue. Not just because of the new netflix series, but it has been a trend for the last 20 years and we see it in our business every year. People love sex. But the reality is that having lots of toys and building a sex room is not possible … Read more

adults swings for older folks too

As they say… “You never grow up, you just get better swings!” When we were kids, we all realized the adults got all the good stuff. They had phones or games or cars. Now we are adults. Now it is our turn. As part of this, now you control the money. You control your life, … Read more

swings make hard positions easier

Are you looking for a new sex position, something wild, crazy and original? Well, there are really 3 types of sex positions. Well, I am here to help. I am going to help you turn that difficult to achieve a fantasy position into your new reality. Recommended Tools to help Achieve your Desires In this … Read more

sex swings to go- travel

When people think of sex swings, portable is not usually the first thing to pop into their mind, but it is possible and more common than you would think. For me, because I travel a lot for work and because sex swings are my job, I have become an expert in with them. But I … Read more

what is a sex swings weight limit?

Generally, the weight limit is between for a standard sex swing. Each swing is different and has different manufacturer recommendations, Some manufactures make unreasonable or dangerous claims of how much weight a sex swing can hold in an attempt to sell products. In this post, we will cover in-depth the weight limitations of a sex … Read more

If you are seeking sex with very deep penetration or with G-spot stimulation, there are a lot of recommended positions from all of the leading sources. and many more. There are a couple of things that stand out and a couple of things missing. First off, all of these recommend positions that cause … Read more

So over the last year or so, we have noticed an issue with the spring and chain on four different brands of swings. These would be the swings by FetishTLCTrinityLux Fetish So first, we are not sure why this same issue is happening in all 4 of these brands and no place else. Is this … Read more

One question we get a lot here is about the instructions with the Screamer Sex Swing. Well, all of the Screamer products come with a business card with a URL and QR code to get the instructions. This is an option that was chosen to keep packaging completely discreet. To some people this is a … Read more

There are a lot of ways to install a sex swing, but still, there is a lot of panic and worry about how to hide the eye hook in your ceiling. Sometimes it is best to just not worry about hiding the sex swing hook in your ceiling. One of the most important things I … Read more

No matter what sex swing you have, some positions can become a pain in the neck. Luckily, you can stop this with a Universal Headrest. This swing accessory can make uncomfortable sex swings a little more bearable and it can make good swings great! The headrest allows you to enjoy your time in the swing … Read more

I get a lot of emails from people trying to do swings on the cheap. They buy knock-off swings from shady companies to save a buck. What ends up happening is the guy is all excited to break this bad boy in, and once the lady sits in it, she is pissed off and hurting. … Read more

TOP 10 REASONS TO OWN A SEX SWING 1: Being Adventurous = We know you have a bit of hidden adventure in you, owning the best sex swing is just the ticket to break it out. 2: It IS Exercise = Don’t stop reading, it is not exercise like going to the gym, this is … Read more

So I just wanted to share this awesome idea I had for creating a door swing for or other rentals where there is no way to screw a hook into the ceiling. In the past, the only options you would have had was to go without a swing, use a swing stand that will cost … Read more