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Sex Swing FAQs

How do I choose a sex swing?

If you are going to be spending $100 or $200 on a swing, the most important thing is to find a sex swing that is comfortable enough you can use if for a long period and you want to use it again. Comfort is based on a series of factors including the width of the swing, width of the straps, and type of padding. To learn more about choosing a swing, visit our buying guide

What positions can I use in a sex swing?

Do not be limited in your thinking by a guide. We always encourage people to be creative. There are no rules. But if you need a starting point, you can look at our sex swing positions guide.

Who buys a sex swing?

Everyone thinks it is those crazy kids that buy sex swing. The 20 something college kids. If this is not you, you are normal. The average sex swing buyer is aged 35 to 60. The average swing user has been married for a long time and is looking to add something extra to their sex life, often as they become empty nesters. Shipping

What shipping methods do you use?

All packages will ship either UPS or USPS. In general small packages will go USPS and larger packages such as larger kits, and stands will ship UPS

Are there express shipping options?

Some items have express options if orders are received by noon eastern time. These items will have the express shipping option shown in the checkout. If you need an item faster that does not have an express shipping option, please contact us and we will see what kind of magic we can do.

Does ship international?

Yes we do for most items. There are some items that are not cost effective because of size and weight and we will notify you immediately if we are not able to ship an item. There is a small international shipping fee that covers a small part of our shipping costs.