1: Being Adventurous = We know you have a bit of hidden adventure in you, owning the best sex swing is just the ticket to break it out.

2: It IS Exercise = Don’t stop reading, it is not exercise like going to the gym, this is exercise like, say, having sex! Contractions of core muscles and thighs and pelvic floor all without you realizing it! Sex Swing is the exercise that brings you to bliss.

3: Sexual Bounce = Because sex swings attach using a spring, you get a nice bounce going on- and who doesn’t like a bounce?

4: Your Friends will Envy You = Let’s face it, everyone likes be the envy of their friends. Having a fun sex toy will give you lots to talk about during lunch dates with girlfriends.

5: Great Price = Yes most swings and assessors will be a good amount of money, but so will two good vibrators (trust me, I know). So, for the amount of fun and the fact that both partners can enjoy the swing it is a great price for some hot nights.

6: Easy to Store = Many people do not realize that a swing can quickly be stored under a bed, in a drawer or the closet. Check out the Screamer that even comes with a storage bag.

7: Quick Assembly = Swings come either totally put together or just a few clips of a carabiner and you are set. Just make sure you have a strong mounting point with either a stand or eye hook in the ceiling. Installing a sex swing.

8: The are Comfortable = If you take my recommendations for comfortable sex swings, they are comfortable for extended periods of time.

9: Be Sexy = Who doesn’t want to feel sexy and be sexy? Seeing you spread out in a sex swing will turn your partner on, and he will be happy to give it to you good. Try new sex positions.

10: Use Over and Over = Once you invest in a sex swing, it is something you can use over and over and will never wear out. You may want to try other sex swings because they do become addicting, but that just adds to the usable collection.

Did you know, that according to the book Tell Me What You Want, 97% of women have had a BDSM fantasy at some point in their life? Well, they make bondage sex swings too!