Universtal Headrest
No matter what sex swing you have, some positions can become a pain in the neck. Luckily, you can stop this with a Universal Headrest. This swing accessory can make uncomfortable sex swings a little more bearable and it can make good swings great!

The headrest allows you to enjoy your time in the swing by allowing you to relax all the muscles in your neck and abs. If you are a dude and love the sex swing, GET THIS, without it, your woman will use the swing once, find it so uncomfortable that she will not use it again.

Even better, any sex swing purchased through our site will receive a headrest free with your order. This headrest works with any sex swing. It includes two little attachment loops to let you added it to swings that do not have a good spot for attaching it.

If you already have a sex swing and some of the positions could be a little more comfortable, this could be the best money you’ve ever spend. Get it here.

ScreamerProductShoot-052016-083 Headrests make sex swing positions better

But at the end of the day, a sex swing can only help to make your swing a little more comfortable. It is not a miracle fix all. Check out our list of best sex swings to get the right one.