Be Proud of Your Sex Swing!

Sometimes it is best to just not worry about hiding the sex swing hook in your ceiling.

One of the most important things I have learned over the years of doing a sex swing business is just to be proud of who you are and what you do. Do not hide it.

When I first got into this business, I blogged about sex swings without ever showing my face online. I did not tell anyone in my small conservative town what I did for a living for fear of being shunned. I kept things very secret.

What I learned is that the secrets and the hiding make a lot of stress in your life and that can lead to unhappiness.

If you try to hide your sex swing, you may spend so much time making up excuses or worrying someone will see the eye hook that the level of stress will equal or exceed the pleasure you get from the swing. This is not a good way to live.

So after a couple of years, I just changed. I took ownership of what I do. I am proud of my business. I started creating YouTube videos to teach people. I stopped hiding what I was doing from everyone in town. I just let go.

Then an interesting thing happened. Without the stress and just being out there, my business started to grow rapidly. I began to have more fun. And all those people that I thought would shun me, instead bought swings from me. Now, I am sure there are a few prudes that try to avoid me now, but those people were probably not worth my time in the first place.

So here is the secret to happiness and being yourself.

If you are trying to hide something such as the fact that you own a sex swing, remember that everyone else in your circle of family and friends is human as well and by nature, they are probably hiding something from you as well. Maybe they even own a sex swing themselves.

Just by being open you may find that you are more like some of your friends then you ever knew because you were both trying to hide parts of your life. If not, find better friends.

Oh – and avoid the hypocrites, you know those ultra-conservative politicians that get caught in a sex scandal or something like that.

Now I know this was not really about sex swing and more about happiness, but in my life, the sex swings have brought me joy. If you want more of my opinions on swings, visit the sex swing reviews section.