I get a lot of emails from people trying to do swings on the cheap. They buy knock-off swings from shady companies to save a buck. What ends up happening is the guy is all excited to break this bad boy in, and once the lady sits in it, she is pissed off and hurting.

There is a science to a great sex swing, just like there is science to love. A good sex swing will range greatly in price. It is not a bad investment for a quality product that you will use for years. A good swing should have the following:

A large sitting area. The ladies around here prefer a width of 4 inches  of webbing covered in padded fabric or at a minimum a 2 inches  webbing with very firm padding. This large seat will give your girl support and comfort. The seat is the single biggest factor in comfort.

Next, nearly all swings come without a headrest. Neck support is also a huge comfort issue. Get the universal headrest that we include on our website with ANY swing purchase. You will thank us! I can not tell you how many orders for a single headrest we get in a day. These are from people who just purchased a swing (maybe from another retailer) and realize how uncomfortable the swing can be without head support.

If you really want to stay on the cheap end, consider something like the Wild Side which is a comfortable dual hook swing for that is budget friendly.

When using your sex swing, always use your spring. This is a safety issue. I know many manufacturers out there will say the swing can hold more weight without the spring- and in theory, this is correct- BUT your ceiling point can’t hold that weight nor can it hold the force of sex without a spring. If your overweight limit for your spring, just buy a spring that has a larger weight limit. A great option is a dual hook sex swing because it disperses the weight in half on each side.

If you buy your swing with thought and with planning, your lady will be more than happy to jump in for a ride. This is a “do not go cheap” purchase. And that is ok; you will think me when she is begging for another ride 🙂