When people think of sex swings, portable is not usually the first thing to pop into their mind, but it is possible and more common than you would think.

For me, because I travel a lot for work and because sex swings are my job, I have become an expert in travelingwith them. But I am not alone. It is very common for people to contact us looking for portable options for:

  • Hotel travel
  • Bondage or swinger parties
  • Strip clubs
  • Apartment living or military where they move often
  • Public dungeons

Whatever the case, there are a number of options that you can use, and if you are interested I created a video one random day to show the stuff I had with me in a hotel.

Portable Sex Swing Options

There are actually many options that you have including door swings, using a chin-up bar and stands. Each has their pros and cons and we will discuss them in depth below but in any case, they all can get you having sex like a porn star even when traveling.

Sex Swing Stands

Swing stands are a great option if you are looking for portability. The reason is that you can use any swing you want anywhere you want.

Of course, for travel, there is one major drawback. Weight and Size. I have been through at least 31 states with a stand in my car, but I have never once flown with one. Coming in at just under “50 for each different brand, it is just not an option.

For car travel, any stand is possible, but I would highly recommend the Screamer stand over the others. Only the Screamer stand can lay flat. All the other stands have big curved pieces that can’t lay flat when disassembled. In addition, they have small screws that are easily lost while traveling and require a tool. The Screamer uses big knobs you can tighten with your hands and are harder to lose.

The Screamer stand also includes a carrying bag. This makes it a very popular option for party goers.

Door Sex Swings

Door swings are the most popular option for portability. They are cheap, quick and easy. There are a lot of people that love them, but people that follow me know that I am not always a fan. The door is in the way and that makes you have limited positions and range of motion. Again, this is a personal preference and I usually have them with me, but they are not my favorites. You can read extensively on door swings in this tutorial.

Showing Deep Penetration in the Door Jam

Chin-Up Bar Swing Hack

One of my favorite options for taking my fun on the road is using a portable chin-up bar. These can be purchased at someplace like here on Amazon for about $20. With slight easy modifications as shown in this video below, you can take and dual hook swing with you anywhere you go. The great thing about this option is that it allows for a much greater range of motion and positions than a door swing and it is much smaller than a stand. In fact, it is small enough to take on a plane, or I have even arrived in a new city with a swing and just ran to Walmart and picked up a chin-up bar there and not even worried about traveling with it.

Beam Mounts: Ultimate Portability

Beam mounts are small and weigh only a couple of ounces, so I always have them with me in my swing bag. They allow you to hang your swing on any exposed beam. I do not find them too often in hotels, but you can find them in AirBnBs, and you can also use them outside. Hang a swing from a tree branch, gazebo, bridge, etc.

Sex Swing Beam Mount is a great for making a swing portable


There are a lot of options and it will depend on your exact situation, but I recommend using our top 7 best swings to help you find the most comfortable and best swing for you. Then using a combination of the stand, chin-up bar or beam mounts to bring that swing with you.