Product Packaging and Graphic Images

Screamer Sex SwingsOne question we get a lot here is about the instructions with the Screamer Sex Swing. Well, the Screamer and all the other products by Madame Ang come with a business card with a URL and QR code to get the instructions.

Some swings come with instructions and graphic packaging, and some do not. Here is a list.

Brands with graphic images on the box or in the instructions:

Brands without graphic images on packaging:
Madame Ang (Screamer)
Dick’n Jane
Strict Leather

So here is the thinking. When boxes are shipped all over the world, there are a lot of people that may see the contents of the box. The wrong people looking inside can cause a lot of problems.

…Customs agents in many countries open boxes.
…Boxes accidentally opened in the mail.
…Boxes opened by Kids

As such, some swings choose just to leave their instructions online. There are many places they can be found including being found on this site by visiting our instructions page.

For information about positions, I recommend our position video that can be found here

The packaging is only one consideration when buying a swing, check out our buyers guide for more information.