So over the last year or so, we have noticed an issue with the spring and chain on four different brands of swings. These would be the swings by

Lux Fetish

So first, we are not sure why this same issue is happening in all 4 of these brands and no place else. Is this a product of using the same manufacturer? Copying each other’s products? Not sure, but it is an issue well actually there are two issues. It is just a mystery which on you will get.

Problem A

You receive a chain and spring. The spring has a closed loop on each end, so there is no way to attach it to the swing. I have sometimes seen where they send you an extra link to connect the chain to the spring, but many times they do not. Without a link, if you need the swing to be lower, you have to go to home depot and buy an extra link to make the change connect to the spring. This extra link, however, will add about 3 inches to the top of the swing and could make it too low to use. Another option is just to upgrade to the heavy duty spring.

Problem B

In some cases, they attach the spring to the chain ahead of time. They use the same spring with a closed loop on each end, but the chain is attached. With them attached, if you have a lower ceiling or a stand or something and you need to remove the chain you can not. So if you do not connect to the end of the chain, it is left just hanging and banging and is very annoying. So the best option is to deal with it, or cut it off and get the additional link like in Problem A

Now I have seen both of these problems in each of these swings. So it is a mystery. You never know what problem you are going to get until you open the box, but you will probably get one of them. It is not a serious issue, just a little annoying.

The good news is, there is a 50% chance it will work for you. If you have the chain permanently attached, there is a 50% chance you can live with it. If it does not attach at all, there is a 50% chance you can live with it.

I am sorry that this happens. These problems are something beyond our control.

Now one option to cure all of it is to just purchase a spring in our accessories section. The spring we sell is rated for 300 pounds compared to the one that comes with all of these brands and is only rated for 200 pounds. So this may be a good upgrade to your swing anyway.

Here is a quick video as well to help further explain this issue.

If you are looking to take an alternative approach, you can just skip the whole issue and find a different swing in our store, or check out our top 6 swings.