Sex Swing Affiliate Program

Sex Swings are currently booming in popularity and and our brands are a leader in quality and education. If you have a sex toy blog, vlogger or adult-directed podcase and are looking to get into the action, generate more income and ad value to your audience, join our sex swing affiliate program today.

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  • Up 20% commissions
  • discounted or free products for approved reviews
  • Interviews with experts
  • content assistance
  • 30 day tracking code


Products for review and content assistance

Let’s face it if you are writing reviews on products you are more convincing and knowledgeable if you have actually used the product. Sure swings are expensive and this has lead to a lot of misinformation, poorly written articles and bad recommendations from bloggers, vloggers and podcasts reviewers that have never even owned a swing. Let’s change the misinformation, together.

We create value for your network. We work with bloggers to help them test and review real products. We work with them to create content that is factually accurate and matches up with the quality of the products you are promoting.

You are dedicated to your audience. We are dedicated to you and helping you grow.

Contact us today so we can work together!