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Tend to your love life for eternal happiness

It is often said that sex is not everything…. And this is partly true. But I say partly. For any relationship, a great love life is essential to happiness. There are a lot of people that spend decades in sexless marriages and this is really sad. Studies show that sexual dissatisfaction leads to higher divorce rates. Sex is not something that you need to schedule into your life. It is an exciting event that brings you and your partner closer together. Beyond making better marriages, there are countless studies that show how it can improve your physical health and help you live longer.

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  • If You Think Washington Does Nothing But Fuck Around, You Might Be Right!

    As the largest seller of sex swings online, we thought it would be fun to start sorting through the millions of visitors and determine who is buying sex swings. We had suspected the usual groups, maybe the people in the north looking for things to keep them warm in the winter or maybe the repressed bible belt. We considered all the normal stereotypes and internet myths.

  • is Hiring!!!

    At, we value real users and real opinions and we have a passion for teaching people about swings and not just selling to people. With this in mind, we are looking to expand our team to include a few new fresh faces.

    This is NOT a full time gig, but rather a few hours here and there. This position may include any or all

  • Adult Sex Swings: A World of Pleasure

    As they say… “You never grow up, you just get better swings!”

    When we were kids, we all realized the adults got all the good stuff. They had phones or games or cars. Now we are adults.

  • Have Sex Like a Porn Star: Difficult Sex Positions

    Are you looking for a new sex position, something wild, crazy and original?Well there are really 3 types of sex positions.

    • Those that you do over and over and have left you looking for something new. Probably how you ended up here.
    • Those that you see on websites that have crazy names and drawings of stick figures that leave you scratching your
  • Sex Swings To Go. Portable Fun.

    When people think of sex swings, portable is not usually the first thing to pop into their mind, but it is possible and more common than you would think.

    For me, because I travel a lot for work and because sex swings are my job, I have become an expert in traveling with them. But I am not alone. It is very common for people to contact us

  • Sex Swing Video Library

    It's a fast-paced world, and if you are like me, you don't want to read through hundreds of pages of technical stuff to find what you want. Just give me a video and tell me what I need to know. Well here is our attempt to do just that. Of course in swings, there is a lot

  • How Much can a Sex Swing Hold? What's the Weight Limit?

    Generally, the weight limit is between 200 and 400 pounds for a standard sex swing. Each swing is different and has different manufacturer recommendations, as well as some making unreasonable claims and dangerous claims of how much they can hold in an attempt to sell products. In this post, we will cover in depth the weight limitations of a sex swing and what you can do to

  • Sex Swing Positions for G-Spot and Deep Penetration

    If you are seeking sex with very deep penetration or with G-spot stimulation, there are a lot of recommended positions from all of the leading sources.
    and many more.

    There are a couple of things that stand out and a couple of things missing. First off, all of these recommend positions that cause your hips to roll back a little allowing your partners penis easier access

  • Commercial

    Well, we decided recently to have a little fun. Normally our marketing consists of reviews, instructions, positions, etc. We like to teach people about swings. However, this month we thought it may be fun to give a shot at a commercial. Let us know what you think. Be like Tiffany, find the best swings now!

    Wild Side Sex Swing Review

    So if you are looking for an entry level swing at an affordable price, but a reasonable amount of comfort, the Wild Side Sex Swing may just be just what you are looking for.

    Wild Side Sex Swing Review

    The Wild Side in the same price range as a Trinity or any of the other lower end products. In fact, it ranks on our list as the best budget friendly

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