About Us

The Short Of It!

SexSwing.com WarehouseSexSwing.com is a corporation based in Las Vegas with our primary shipping warehouse being located in Northern Michigan. Our staff has years of experience in testing, reviewing and examining all aspects of all swings on the market. We are dedicated to making your life better through the joys of swinging.

First created in 2010 under the name SexSwing.info, we upgraded to SexSwing.com to better show our position as the leader in the swing market.

The Long Of It!

The story of sexswing.com is a very interesting tale. It all started once upon a time long before the internet. While the internet as we know it was not even a sparkle in anyone’s eye, Abby certainly was. This adventure started in Las Vegas about 30 years ago.

It is only appropriate that Abby was conceived in Las Vegas in truly Las Vegas style.

Abby Woods - Swing GoddessA young couple that were regulars at one of the more famous clubs and while watching the dancers on the stage perform to Micheal Jackson’s Beat It, sitting in the a dark corner the young couple decided to engage in some pocket pool and do a little Beat It of their own. Some how in the sloppy mess, Abby managed to avoid being swallowed and one of the most interesting people in the world was created.

Conceived through freak strip club accident, Abby was destined to be a unique individual.

Fast forward 18 years because covering any of the antics of the time in between seems just wrong. So at 18 Abby went off to college. The college years were a very exciting time to explore all of the fetishes imaginable. Some were great, and some were just weird, but the most valuable lesson in college was that all types of sex are interesting. Sex is an utterly fascinating subject. Having sex, trying new sexual things and talking about sex.

After college, most of her friends started to settle into long relationships and children and marriage. But Abby was still always thinking about sex, wanting to talk about sex and have sex. The problem is that all her friends “grew up” and “settled down.” So with nobody else to talk to, Abby started to spend more time engaging with her online audience.

After a series of internet ventures, Abby finally settled on SexSwing.info. What a great project! With a chance to test sex products, create reviews, teach people about sex and having more fun it was the perfect situation for her and she created it as a full-time business in 2012.

Sexswing.info was rebranded as SexSwing.com in January of 2016.

Now SexSwing.com is the internet’s most complete resource for sex swing including the widest selection, tutorials, tips, trick, positions guides, reviews and more.