Sex Swing Reviews – Finding the Best Sex Swing is not a retailer that just buys items and throws them on the site for sale. We test, use and evaluate every product on the site to help you find the best sex swings. If there is anything not covered in the reviews below and we will do our best to get it added as soon as possible. If you are just starting your search for the best sex swing for you, we recommend visiting our sex swing buyers guide to learn about how different features of a swing affect comfort, safety and adventure.
Sex Swing Reviews

Dual Hook Sex SwingScreamer Dual Hook Sex Swing: This is probably the best all around sex swing. The dual hook design and the extra wide straps make it the most comfortable of the swings. The great added features such as all metal hardware, handles, storage bag and more set it apart from the others. Read the full Sex Swing Review Review – Quality 5/5 · Comfort 4.8/5 · Features 5/5
Pleasure Sex Swing WhipSmart in Pink packagingWhipsmart Pleasure Swing: Love the padding on this swing, but the narrow width is hard on those of us with curves. Very comfortable and one of our favorites and many color options. Read the full Sex Swing Review Review – Quality 4.4/5 · Comfort 4.2/5 · Features 4/5
using the bondage swingTLC Bondage Sex Swing: If you want to explore your kinky side, this might be a good choice. It is not the highest end or more comfortable swing, but it looks cool. Read the full Sex Swing Review Review – Quality 3/5 · Comfort 2.4/5 · Features 4/5
wid side sex swing purpleWild Side Sex Swing: This sex swing is great for those on a tight budget. The dual hook design gives a wider seat and more comfort than other low priced swings. Plus it has 4 colors. Read the full Sex Swing Review Review – Quality 4/5 · Comfort 4/5 · Features 3.5/5
trinity vibe sex swing, XR BrandsTrinity Sex Swing: This is the lower end swing we sell. It is not terribly comfortable, but it is affordable and well constructed. Read the full Sex Swing Review Review – Quality 4/5 · Comfort 2/5 · Features 2.5/5

Sex Sling Reviews

Strict Leather Premium Sex SwingStrict Leather Sling: This is one of our favorite slings. If you have a dungeon, this is for you. It is also a pretty comfortable option for those with disabilities. Read the full Sex Sling Review Review – Quality 4.4/5 · Comfort 4.5/5 · Features 4/5

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Cheap Swing Warning In recent years, there has been a trend to cheap knock off swings showing up in many market places such as Ebay and Amazon. Many times these swings are extremely poorly made, very uncomfortable and often not even safe. They often show up using stolen images from known swing brands but usually are marketed under a range of alternative names.

We do purchase these items and inspect and review them just like any other item and even though there are suppliers willing to sell them to us, we would never carry these products on our site. For most information on this check out our reveiw of cheap sex swings.

In the end, make sure you are buying your swings from a reputable seller of adult items.