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“I do not believe that any extended time in the swing would be enjoyable without the head rest. I would consider this item a must.” ~ Derrick H. 1/21/2015
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Finding the Best Sex Swing
Our sex swing reviews are designed to give you all the information you need in selecting the best sex swing, but if you are new to sex swings, make sure you check out our sex swing buyer’s guide to learn what makes the best swings better than the rest. Learn what features can make the swing the most comfortable, safest, and most fun!

Where to start in looking for the best sex swing for you.
Can you mount into your ceiling?
YES – Consider a swing or a sling.
N0 –

Do you have room for a stand? (about 7ft by 7ft depending on brands)
YES – Consider a swing or a sling.
N0 – You are going to want a door swing.

Do you have a lot of curves or wide hips?
YES – Consider a dual hook or a sling.
N0 – Most swings and slings will be OK.

Do you like extended play?
YES – Slings will be most comfortable for long periods but lack some positions. Most swings high in comfort rating will be best. A headrest will be required.
N0 – Most swings will be OK. But you will still want a headrest for anything over 3 minutes.

Budget considerations?
If you are just looking to feel it out and see it you want to spend more money on a swing, consider the Wild Side Sex Swing. It is a dual hook swing at a reasonable price that has most of the comfort features.

If you go with a door swing, you will save some money but give up a lot of positions. With a Trinity, you can get a single hook, but lose a lot of comforts. So I always feel the Wild Side is the best place for a happy medium.

Avoid the cheap knockoffs on Amazon or Ebay. They are not comfortable and sometimes just plain dangerous.