So if you are looking for an entry level swing at an affordable price, but a reasonable amount of comfort, the Wild Side Sex Swing may just be just what you are looking for.

Wild Side Sex Swing Review

The Wild Side in the same price range as a Trinity or any of the other lower end products. In fact, it ranks on our list as the best budget friendly swing for the 3rd year. But this one has a couple of real advantages for comfort.  First, the padding is much better than those in the same class, and additionally, it is a dual hook. A dual hook swing allows the straps and seat to be much wider and can significantly improve comfort when compared to a single hook swing, especially for women with larger hips. A dual hook also has a lot more options for installations. On our list of 7 ways to install, a dual hook works with all 7 versus a single hook that only works with 2.

Wild Side Sex Swing Review Obviously, the drawbacks of a dual hook swing are that it requires two mounting points and it can never spin. This sacrifice is OK for a lot of people, the comfort and safety aspects of a dual hook are worth the trade-off.

Additionally, the Wild Side does come in 5 colors of green, slate blue, purple and pink and classic black.

So if you are looking for getting started with swings, but not wanting to invest in a higher end product just yet, this may be a great place to start out and test the waters. Plus it makes our list of the 6 best swings

Of course, like with all swings, you also get a free headrest with your purchase on