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Lux Fetish Sex Swing

Lux Fetish Sex Swing Positions

Supported Doggy

The Lux Fetish Sex Swing has become our secret weapon for mind-blowing pleasure! The adjustable straps and comfortable padding make it an absolute joy to use. Explore positions you never thought possible, resulting in intense sensations and incredible intimacy. This swing arrives able to do 17 positions out of the box.

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Customer Reviews

We were a bit apprehensive at first, but this sex swing has exceeded our expectations in every way. The smooth swinging motion make it an absolute joy for us, It’s not only incredibly comfortable and supportive but also adds a touch of elegance with its sleek design.

Gerald R, 36, M Build: Plus Size

We can’t get enough of our sex swing! It’s not only a fun and exciting addition to our sex life, but it’s also incredibly well-made and durable. We´re so impressed with our new acquisition.

Dalton F, 45, M Build: Average

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