Pleasure Swing by Whip Smart Review

When I first saw the Pleasure Swings I will be honest, I was quite taken aback by the size of the hanging bar. I have felt that most bars are very narrow on the market currently at around 19” to 20”. The bar on the Pleasure Swing line is even smaller, coming in at 14”… NARROW!!! But, the benefit to this is it is pretty light.

The fact that the bar is so narrow normally is a disadvantage for comfort because it will be narrow on your hips, but the great padding makes up for it. The narrow bar on this product makes it great for spinning. It does not come spinning, but you can buy a swivel separately and make it spin. The great padding and the narrow bar combine to makes our list of best sex swings as our favorite spinner.

I ended up comparing the camo and the Cheetah prints. An important note when buying these: The Camo print is Pleasure Swings gay sex swing model. The packaging sports two stick figures that are both male and all packaging images are male on male. The Cheetah on the other hand has stick images of male/female, female/female and male/male. The packaging is all male/female. Now, this doesn’t matter at all.

SEX SWINGS ARE NOT HOMOBPHIBIC! So, if you love the Camo, buy the Camo!

The adjustment on the Pleasure Swing is very simple and actually one of the most easy on the market. The design allows for the most adjustment, but when fully pulled up, does leave a lot of webbing just hanging and in the way.

The swing features carbines at the top bar on each side to attach the belts and leg rest. This allows you to remove the stirrup straps if needed. It also allows you to use this swing with squatting attachments.

The padding on the Pleasure Swings make sex in it pretty comfortable. Now, remember when talking comfort in a sex swing there are a few factors. First is the width of the bar or mounting system. Pleasure Sex Swings does lose some points on this front, as it is really narrow and does pinch the hips a bit. They score points on having massive padding, but then lose points again on having only 2 inches of webbing. The wider the webbing the more comfortable the seat is. The padding on the Pleasure Swing is 5 inches and this allows the padding to wrap around the webbing. But the webbing is still narrow. The padding just offsets this.

Because of the narrow bar, this swing does dig into your hips quite a bit and the day after I defiantly had hip pain from the pressure.

That being said, this was actually one of the better sex swings I have used. It is overall, pretty comfortable, aside from the hip pinching and the narrowness of the bar, I put it ahead of a lot of other ones on the market, namely TLC Love Swing and the Trinity. I would put the Pleasure Swing just below the Screamer line. I find Screamer of more comfort, but I did like the Pleasure and would not discourage someone from buying it.

The issue with the narrow bar is also less if you are very thin or do not have big hips.

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