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Screamer Ultimate Kit

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Supported Doggy

Can’t decide between a sex swing or a sling? Think maybe both would be fun? This is the kit for you, This versatility enables you to experiment with various angles and positions, tailoring the experience to your preferences.This kit arrives able to do 41 positions out of the box. The strategic positioning offered by a sex sling or a sex swing allows for deeper stimulation. It can also enhance the intensity of orgasms and lead to more satisfying sexual experiences.

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Customer Reviews

It’s not only a source of incredible pleasure but also a beautifully designed piece of equipment. We were curious about trying this kit, and we’re so glad we did! We totally recomend it. This kit has become our secret weapon for mind-blowing pleasure!

Steve R, 26, M Build: Plus Size

“We can’t thank Sex Swings enough for the excitement it has brought into our bedroom. The quality craftsmanship and secure design make it an absolute pleasure to use. It’s a constant source of anticipation and pleasure, and we love the sense of freedom it provides. Thanks again!!!

Anonymous, 31, M Build: Average

This kit has completely transformed our sexual experiences for the better. It’s a well-engineered piece of equipment that offers exceptional support and comfort. We’ve discovered new levels of pleasure and spontaneity that have revitalized our relationship.

Erick R, 42, M Build: Average

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