Sex Swing Accessories Guide

Now that you have a sex swing, it is time to get some accessories. Accessories can be used to add extra function and comfort to your swing or to make installation easier

Enhance Your Sex Swing

Sex Swing Headrest

Sex Swing Headrest

Buy the headrest. It is just that simple. Without a headrest your swing will not be as comfortable, your wife will have a sore neck after about 4 minutes in the swing and not want to use it again. We think this is so important that we include this as a free gift with any swing purchase on If you purchased your sex swing on another site and are trying to make it more comfortable, welcome. You can check out the headrest here or in the video below.

Bondage Cuffs

According to the book Tell Me What You Want which is about the largest study of human sexual fantasies, over 90% of people have had a bondage fantasy. Sure that does not mean it is everyone’s top fantasy or one they have regularly, but for a lot of people, BDSM is where it is at. So why settle for an ordinary swing when you can add cuffs and make it a lot more exciting experience.

The bondage cuffs include 4 cuffs and 4 adjustable straps. These straps can attach to various places on sex swings or slings. These cuffs will work best with Screamer and Tied Tight brands as well as all of the slings. This is because they use chains and/or metal hardware in places like near the main seat or near the stirrups that will give a number of great attachment points. Some swings made from only webbing and plastic will not have enough places to attach the cuffs.

Screamer Sex Swing Bondage Cuff Set

One cool bondage position is a spread eagle if you have a swing and a screamer stand. The Screamer stand has additional mounting points to attach the cuffs giving even more options.

Sling Conversion Kit

If you already have a Screamer swing and expand your toy box the Sling Conversion Kit can get you in a sling at a much cheaper price. If you have a Screamer, you already have things like handles stirrups and chains, so there is no need to buy that all again because you want a sling. So the sling conversion kit includes only the extra parts you need to make the switch. This will save you a few bucks.

Installation Accessories

Beam Mounts

Sex Swing Beam Mount is a great for making a swing portable

Beam mounts are a very simple but effective attachment. With these straps, you can hang your swing over any exposed beam without having to screw anything into your ceiling. If you are really adventurous, you can use this to hand a swing from a tree or a gazebo when you are outdoors.

Door Mounts

Door mounts are interesting because they are both enhancement and an installation accessory. If you are looking to get something extra from your swing, you can buy door mounts and use it with your Screamer sex swing to make it a door swing that you can travel with and install in hotel rooms.

For installation, the door mounts can help you with hallway installations by allowing you to hang your swing between doors or a door and a wall.