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Screamer Sex Swing: Twist

Screamer Sex Swing: Twist Positions

Supported Doggy

The Screamer Sex Swing suspends you effortlessly in mid-air, embracing your body with its luxurious padding, allowing you to succumb to the most delightful sensations. It defies the laws of gravity, granting you the power to explore positions previously unattainable, unveiling a realm of blissful ecstasy. This swing arrives able to do 37 positions out of the box. Gravity becomes your tantalizing accomplice in the realm of pleasure.

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Customer Reviews

Our Screamer Sex Swing is the epitome of coolness in our bedroom. It’s like a secret gateway to pleasure and excitement. The adjustable straps and sturdy materials give us the confidence to let go and fully indulge in our desires. Excellent product!

Ellie G, 48, M Build: Plus Size

Our Screamer Sex Swing is mind-blowingly awesome! The suspended position adds a whole new dimension to our lovemaking, I never felt this intense sensations and deep connection with my partner before. It’s a unique experience that we can’t get enough of. We highly recommend

David B, 35, M Build: Plus Size

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