When I get support calls and chats, one of the most common questions is what swings I use. Well, this is a little bit tricky because I do own all of them in every . It is my job. So I am on a road trip across the country and have taken some gear with … Read more

Wild Side Sex Swing in purple

Today, I am pleased to announce my new Wild Side Sex Swings. I review swings, sex toys and bondage gear for a living. I have written the most complete guide on sex swings. From time to time, there is something that I want but can not find anywhere from the available products on the market, … Read more

SexSwing.info has now upgraded to SexSwing.com! Going forward we will continue to offer the same excellent service and reviews as we always have, but now we have a new name. Sexswing.com is a great name to show our leadership position as the top dedicated sex swing on the internet. 2016 is shaping up to be … Read more

UPDATED: The Screamer Sex Swing Stand has undergone a few improvements since this video was created. The stand is now black The stand now includes a storage bag The stand now has 12 mounting points for light bondage play New Smaller Footprint I have been asked a lot lately for a demo of the Screamer Sex … Read more

Well this is not a review of a product, but I wanted to take a minute to share with you why I like the Screamer brand swings. The key is FLEXIBILITY! – The Screamer Sex Swings are all made in pieces that are attached to large carabiners. This allows for the swing to be customized … Read more