has now upgraded to! Going forward we will continue to offer the same excellent service and reviews as we always have, but now we have a new name. is a great name to show our leadership position as the top dedicated sex swing store on the internet.

2016 is shaping up to be a great year with new designs and products to follow shortly.

With our new guides, reviews, installation section, and positions guide, now stands head and shoulders above the rest.

What makes us different? All content on this site is and always will be based only on personal experience. We test and use every swing to give full and accurate feedback.

There are a lot of sites now that take our information, reword it and use it to promote affiliate links on various sites. This is not the same. They have never used a swing and are linking to different products, often not even knowing the difference.

We realize that there is very little we can do about that other than continuing to make more and more great content and educating the buyers.