UPDATED: The Screamer Sex Swing Stand has undergone a few improvements since this video was created.

  • The stand is now black
  • The stand now includes a storage bag
  • The stand now has 12 mounting points for light bondage play
  • New Smaller Footprint

I have been asked a lot lately for a demo of the Screamer Sex Stand so that people can get a good clear view of how it looks, how small it stores and so on. So I have created this quick video.

When you disassemble this stand for storage, there are four knobs, here 10 pieces that are 350 pounds  but lay flat. The only piece that does not lay flat is the top cross bar. It is about 8 inches tall, so that is the largest piece you will need to store. (this has been changed as well to lay flat)

This stand also works with both single hook and dual hook swings and a weight limit of 350 pounds . It will not work for a sex sling that has four mounting points. But you can use the stand in combination with door mounts to create a 4 point system for a sling. The footprint on the floor is 7x7.6 feet .

To compare with other items, check out our sex swing stands or our review section to learn more about all the products we sell. If you do not have space for a stand or are looking for other creative mounting ideas we have an extensive instruction and installation section.