Well this is not a review of a product, but I wanted to take a minute to share with you why I like the Screamer brand swings. The key is FLEXIBILITY! – The Screamer Sex Swings are all made in pieces that are attached to large carabiners. This allows for the swing to be customized the way you want it to be., For example, you can remove an extra strap if you want to sit on it so your partner can have a rear entry. Rather than having the extra strap dangling between you, you just unhook it.

Another case of flexibility is the handles and stirrups. If you are legs over your head kind or girl and the stirrup straps do not adjust far enough up, you just unclip them and move it up higher. This is great if you want to use the sex swing for deep penetration.

The last great thing is the sex swing attachments. You can change attachments to make the swing do what you want. This is something that I love. I am very much in love with the squatting attachment and the ability to add cuffs and convert it to a bondage swing.

Flexibility is just one part of what if takes to make a great sex swing, but it is a pretty important one and it has helped the Screamer lead our list of best sex swings for 4 years.

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