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Best Sex Swings of 2019

Abby Woods - Swing Expert

Hello, My name is Abby Woods and I have been one of the swing experts at for over 10 years. This means I have personally tried, tested and used every product on this site and on this list. We created this list based on our experiences, but everyone is different. As such, we encourage you to visit our buying guide to learn what makes a good swing, our positions guide to learn what you can do with different swings, and also some of our installation tutorials because all of these things will have an impact on which one is best for you.

Of course, all purchases on our website have free discrete shipping in the USA and all swings include a free headrest.

#1 – Best Overall Sex Swing

Dual Hook Sex Swing

Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing
Price $199.00 $185.00
Comfort, Safety and a range of exciting options are what makes the Screamer Dual Hook the best overall pick. 4-inch webbing and the variable with mounting options offer superior comfort. The dual hook option gives you additional safety while the removable straps and accessories add to your enjoyment options. 


  • Maximum Comfort
  • Storage Bag
  • Increase Safety
  • Metal Hardware
  • Removable Straps


  • Requires 2 Mounting Points
  • Not Spinning

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#2 – Our Favorite Spinning Sex Swing

Whipsmart Pleasure Sex Swing in Black

Whipsmart Pleasure Swing
Price $149.00
If you want a spinner, I recommend the Whipsmart swing with a swivel hook. The swivels are sold separately. It is not a standard as a spinning swing, but it is vastly more comfortable than many spinning swings. This swing is one of the most comfortable single hooks despite the narrow spreader bar because of the very firm padding. Just remember to buy the swivel as well.


  • Thick firm padding for comfort
  • Single mounting point required
  • Removable straps
  • Color options


  • Narrow Spreader Bar
  • Swivel Hook Sold Separate
Learn More: Product Details · Review Video · Specs · Reviews ·

#3 – Top Bondage Swing

using the bondage swing

TLC Bondage Swing Love Swing
Price $169.00 $139.00
We have selected this Bondage Love Swing as our best bondage option because it is a complete package with a cool look and slightly better than the Fetish Bondage. For serious BDSM users, I would read our bondage swing page for better options because this swing will lack some qualities that high end users will want. Learn More…


  • Single mounting point
  • 4 cuffs with 6 attachment points
  • Looks very sleek
  • BDSM and Bondage Friendly


  • Moderate comfort
  • Thin padding

#4 – Outstanding Sling

Leather sex sling

Strict Leather Sling
Price $395.00 $329.00
It is hard to beat the comfort of a leather sling. These are the ones you could take a nap in. This comfort comes at a cost, slings have more limited positions and tend to be higher priced. Slings are very popular with the BDSM community and the disabled community, especially those with hip issues. This particular sling is basically identical to the Stockroom version but usually wins out on price. Learn More…


  • Maximum Comfort
  • Leather
  • Safety


  • Requires 4 Mounting Points
  • Limited positions
  • Chain kits sold separately

#5 – Best Budget Sex Swing

Wild Side Sex Swing
Wild Side Sex Swing
Price $119.00 $99.00
If you want to save a buck, the Wild Side is the best option. Most low-end swings tend to sacrifice comfort. The Wild Side has very firm and thick padding when compared to other swings in this price range, additionally, the dual hook option adds a lot of comforts. And because of the removable straps has more flexibility and can be used with attachments. Learn More…


  • Good Comfort
  • 4 Colors
  • Lower Price
  • Removable Straps


  • Requires 2 Mounting Points
  • No Spinning

#6 – Ultimate Travel Swing

Fetish Deluxe Door Swing
Deluxe Door Swing Sex Swing
Price $54.00
If you are looking for a cheap swing to take with you on a trip, the Deluxe Door Swing may be right for you. It is a lot more comfortable than other others that lack a primary strap. A door swing also lacks a lot of positions that other swings allow for, but convenience has value.  Learn More…


  • Quick installation
  • Portable
  • Lower Price


  • Limited positions

How we ranked them

The rankings on this page are not static. As an actual swing company with a warehouse containing all of the items we sell, we are constantly evaluating and testing products to determine the best options available.

Two concepts dominate our list. Price and Comfort. Unfortunately, they do not always run together. So, on one hand, we have the most comfortable swings and the other the budget-friendly ones that give up the least amount of comfort. Where you fall on that spectrum is largely a personal choice.

All swings on this list and in our store meet at least a minimum level of comfort and quality. We are not about selling $20 swings while claiming they are the best thing in the world just to make a sale. Swings are expensive. And quality and comfort are more expensive. That is just the ways of the world.

If you want to learn everything there is to know about swings and what makes some better and some worse, I encourage you to read our sex swing tutorials.

You can also check out our extensive list of reviews as well as our reviews that are shown on each products page. This will allow you to actually see the products as well as find information on all the detailed specs of every swing.

Also of interest may be our positions guide. There are no rules with swings and we encourage you to be creative, but this may get you started in the right direction.