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Screamer Sex Swing Stand w/Bondage Points

$399.00 $299.00

  • Unquestionable Quality The Screamer Stand is constructed out of tube steel for lasting durability and trusted use.
  • Suitable for both Single and Dual Mount Swings The Screamer Stand has three solid rings perfect for mounting a single hook sex swing or a dual hook.
  • 12 Additional Attachment points The stand has a number of attachment points for bondage play or increased options when using your bondage swing.
  • Easy to Assemble One person can assemble this stand in less than 5 minutes time.

    • No Tools Needed You don’t have to worry about needing tools; this stand only comes with four large cap bolts. The sex swing stand requires no additional hardware or tools.


    • Portable with a Travel Case The Screamer Stand is easy to transport with a canvas case.


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    Product Specs

    Weight Limit:350#
    Footprint:6'2" X 6'7"
    Stand Height:7'2"
    Includes Bag:Yes

    Abby's Thoughts



    The Screamer Sex Stand weighs about 47lbs and is easily transported in the carrying bag that comes with it. The stand comes with a black hammered metal finish.

    • 3 over head mounting points for use with single hook or dual hook swings
    • Carrying Bag
    • 12 mounting points for bondage play
    • Quick assembly and easy storage
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      8 reviews

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      1. 5 out of 5 EASY TO SET UP!!


        I was very impressed with how easy it is to set up! It is a very steardy piece that you dont have to worry about not supporting the weight placed upon it!

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      2. 4 out of 5 G & T

        gordonparkervictoriabc (verified owner)

        First this is a great swing, but I would like to provide the following feedback for your consideration

        Where the lower half of the legs connect to the upper legs needs some work.

        Specfically the locking screws are going to get stripped over time because the drilled holes in the metal tubing are sharp and cut into metal threads of the screws because the tolerances are so close. In my humble opinion, this is a minor design defect. If a plastic fitting was placed/attached around the drill holes of the tubing this issue would disappear and make assembly easier. As well, some of the locking screws are longer than others, and do not fully screw into the locking bolt on the tubing. Once again, they screw in far enough to work, so I’m not too worried at this time.

        Also, the locking nubs that pop in and out of place do not in all instances fully extend to the lock postion. They work good enough, but if some fully extend and others do not it is noticeable. There are two easy ways to fix this, drill slightly larger holes in the tubing, and/or assemble each swing stand before shipping to ensure everything fits properly.

        I’m pretty sure the screw theads will be stripped eventually, no matter how careful I am, but it shouldn’t be too hard to figure something out, or just contact you for replacements.

        Again…we are very happy with the swing stand, but there are some minor issues that you might be interested in knowing about.

        If you would like more details I can take pics next time we set up the stand.

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        • Admin Abby Woods (verified owner)

          Thanks for your feedback. We are currently addressing this issue and in the fall we will be receiving stands that include an anchor in the tubing. This oversight currently was caused by a change in the wall thickness. The stand currently is about 7 pounds lighter than the previous version of the stand. We do appreciate good feedback on all products because it helps us work with manufacturers to constantly improve the products.

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      3. Admin Abby Woods (verified owner)

        This item is just the stand. There are swing stand combos in the Kits section of our site

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      4. Admin Abby Woods (verified owner)

        There are only 3 mounting points on the top of the stand. There are additional light duty mounting points on each leg for bondage ties. To use this with a sling you can use the stand to support the bottom side of the sling and a set of door mounts to support the top of the sling if you position the stand in front of a door.

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      5. 5 out of 5

        Meg S. (verified owner)

        I am very pleased with this stand. It is well made and easy to assemble.

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      6. 5 out of 5

        Wade H. (verified owner)

        Very high quality and easy to put up and down swing also is very comfortable head rest is a must have makes it like a lounge chair

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      7. 3 out of 5

        Christina D. (verified owner)

        I thought that the legs were the lock set type, but they just slid together and until you use the bolt to hold in place they can move freely. Abby’s post said they would lock together. But not the case.

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      8. 5 out of 5

        Robert R. (verified owner)

        The stand came with no paperwork, but it was easy and quick to assemble from the pictures. It’s rock solid. We’ve used a swing on it twice and not a wobble or squeak.

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