Fetish Deluxe Door Swing

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After an exceedingly hot date and a few drink, you and your girl are giggling about the night as you stumble to your front door.  You fumble with the keys trying to get them in the door fast enough. After a few seconds, the door finally flies open just as she wraps her arms around your neck and whispers something inappropriate in your ear. Goosebumps run down your back as you grab her ass cheeks and she wraps her legs around you. You stumble into the dark entryway knocking over the small lamp on the coffee table before pressing her up against the wall. Holding her hand tightly above her head, you manage to lift up her skirt and have the most passionate…… Well we have all had this fantasy, and then we realize, she is not 90 pounds, we are not bodybuilders or acrobats and we only have two arms. And there it stays as a fantasy made for TV.

With the Fetish Deluxe Door Swing, you can make it a reality.

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    Product Specs

    Weight Limit:200#
    Strap Width:7"
    Pad Width:7"
    Pad Length:17"
    Pad Type:1/4" closed cell foam
    Stirrup Loop:20" Unpadded
    Includes Bag:No
    Has Primary Strap:Yes

    Abby's Thoughts



    The Fetish Deluxe Door Swing can help you live out some of your fantasies. With this door swing, you can have sex with your partner pressed up against a door, legs wrapped around you and without the strain.

    This swing was well thought out to include a very broad 8-inch seat for maximum comfort as well as stirrups and handle for extra control.

    This swing is an excellent product for those that live in an apartment or travel but still want to experience some of the pleasures of a sex swing.  The only requirement for installation is a door.

    Sex against the wall does not need to be a fantasy any longer, make it a reality.