Swing Instructions and Installation

When it comes time to install your sex swing, there are many options. Unfortunately, most people have come to the belief that there is only one right way. A ceiling hook in your bedroom ceiling. This leads us to the next problem, what do you tell your inlaws when they see the eye bolt in your ceiling. This alone has prevented a lot of people from ever enjoying a sex swing. Fear of your mother inlaw wrecks everything good.

Well, there are a couple of options. You can proudly tell your mother in law that you and her offspring do in fact have sex, or you can explore the many other options for installing your sex swing in all different types of situations. If you are looking for different options, our 7 ways to install your sex swing is a good place to start.

Swing Installation

Sex Swing Installation GirlBasic Installation Options
7 Ways to Install a Sex Swing
Installing Slings
Concrete Ceilings

Brand Specific Instructions

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