As the world settles into its new reality of life with the coronavirus, talk is turning to open up the economy and resuming a semblance of normal life while maintaining control over the spread of the deadly epidemic. For businesses such as retail outlets, this involves markers for appropriate line spacing, , and reduced store … Read more

sex over work in washington dc

As the largest seller of sex swings online, we thought it would be fun to start sorting through the millions of visitors and determine who is buying sex swings. We had suspected the usual groups, maybe the people in the north looking for things to keep them warm in the winter or maybe the repressed … Read more

be a sex swing model. now hiring

At, we value real users and real opinions and we have a passion for teaching people about swings and not just selling to people. With this in mind, we are looking to expand our team to include a few new fresh faces. This is NOT a full-time gig, but rather a few hours here … Read more

Well, we decided recently to have a little fun. Normally our marketing consists of reviews, instructions, positions, etc. We like to teach people about swings. However, this month we thought it may be fun to give a shot at a commercial. Let us know what you think. Be like Tiffany, find the best swings now!

You may have noticed a few design improvements in the Screamer line, but I wanted to talk about some of them and why they implemented the changes- let’s go! As of Fall 2016 New Swing Design The design! We are pretty excited about these changes. The main straps have a new type of clip (we call … Read more

Since my job revolves around sex swings, I have Google Alerts set up to notify me anytime a new page on the internet is created about “sex swings” or some other related topics. I do not want to miss anything. But just about every day, I find one for sale someplace on Craigslist. They almost … Read more