You may have noticed a few design improvements in the Screamer line, but I wanted to talk about some of them and why they implemented the changes- let’s go!

As of Fall 2016

New Swing Design

The design! We are pretty excited about these changes. The main straps have a new type of clip (we call it an alligator clip). This change allows for two awesome things- 1) not as wide and bulky straps!!! And 2) even more height adjustment. This adjustability is ideal for anyone needing to use it with a stand or low ceilings. It can be adjusted all the way to the top attachment now. The previous style strap was limited to about 1/2 the length of the strap for adjustability. So this adds about 15 inches of range.

The handles and stirrups and actual seat/back support padding are all unchanged. (Edit: the handles were completely revised to a higher end contoured handle in 2018. The headrest was also changed to be 6 inches longer in the padding for more comfort in 2018)

I have received a few questions because some images on our site were of the old style. We have tried to remove them all, but some we just love from a pure art and good photo loving standpoint.

Single Hook Swing with Girl

This is the old style Screamer Sex Swing, notice how wide the straps are.

New Screamer Sex Swing design. Note: this is just the main strap pictured not the full swing, but you can see the straps are less bulky.

Includes a bag

sex swing bag

Well, one of the coolest new features is the bag. The Screamer is now the only swing that comes with a carrying case. This is significant because we know that the Screamer is pretty popular at parties and nobody wants to walk around with all these straps hanging everywhere. The bag is large enough to hold the swing and most swing accessories as well as possible even a toy and lube. (Note: if you have a swing and a sling attachment, the attachment will not fit in the bag)

Here is some more info on the new design.

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