Since my job revolves around sex swings, I have Google Alerts set up to notify me anytime a new page on the internet is created about “sex swings” or some other related topics. I do not want to miss anything. But just about every day, I find one for sale someplace on Craigslist. They almost always say they were never used and most of the time say they were given as a gift. So the question is why are you selling it? Maybe it was not a gag gift at all. Maybe is was the secret to marriage security.

According to several studies, including one here from Princeton, there is a direct relationship between a lower frequency of sex and an increased divorce rate.

Now at what point in their relationship are people the most likely to have lots of crazy sex? On their honeymoon or after they have three kids, a dog, six goldfish, two minivans, a mortgage and the closest thing you are ever going to experience to free time is when your children do not follow you when you take the garbage out.

My guess is the most sex will happen at the honeymoon. And if you can not just use the swing you got for free then, it is only going to be downhill after that.

So my advice is that if someone gives you any sex toy for a wedding gift of a bachelor party gift, do not sell it to get yourself $50, use it. If you need the $50, sell the toaster, nobody ever got a divorce over just eating just plain bread.

sex swing for sale on CL
Starting a marriage by selling off a sex swing is the wrong way to go in my opinion!

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