Universal Headrest

Universal Headrest


Enjoy your swing for longer periods of time, with no neck strain, with the universal headrest. This headrest can be attached to any swing to provide head and neck support.

The universal headrest includes quick connect clips to snap on to any swing, and it also comes with two mounting loops for swings that do not have suitable locations for attachment.

No sex swing moments should happen without this product. You can thank us later.

Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing


An amazing experience awaits you in the Screamers one of a kind design. Every detail was planned to give you the most comfortable and safe experience of any sex swing.

The superior dual hook construction provides a variable width seat that enhances the comfort for users of all sizes, and by dividing the weight between two mounting points gives you worry free fun.

Enjoy the comfort of the only swing built on a 4-inch webbing base to spread your weight evenly and reduce pressure points making playtime last longer.

With Screamers flexible removable strap design, you can explore many unique positions not possible in any other swing. Remove and remount straps in different combinations to get the exact feeling that you desire. This flexibility allows the Screamer to be the only swing that supports the high leg positions that girls love for deep penetration and g-spot stimulation by reattaching the stirrups at your mounting points to make your legs much higher. Remove unneeded straps in situations when they are not needed to keep them out of the way.

A finishing touch to your swing comes in the form of the free headrest provided by SexSwing.com to support your head and neck for hours of enjoyment.

Clean up, and storage is a snap. Machine washing is possible by putting the removable straps in a laundry bag. The swing then stores conveniently in the small included carrying case in any drawer or under your bed.

Being a dual hook swing, the Screamer Dual Hook also works with all 7 of our sex swing mounting methods.

Let the adventure begin.

Screamer Squatting Attachment

The squatting attachment is a one of a kind product from Screamer that can be used with parts from your swing to allow the squatting position. This attachment requires mounting hardware and stirrups from your swing and is not a stand-alone product.

Squatting attachment are designed to provide a small amount of life so that it is easier to bounce or stay in a squatting position for longer periods of time. Each pair of squatting attachments provides about 70 pounds of lift force for a 6-inch range of motion.

WARNING: The squatting attachment is only an aid and does not support body weight. When using it, make sure the bottom of the stirrups straps are never more than 7 inches above your partner to prevent over extension of the attachment.

Screamer Sex Swing Fun Pack

Screamer Sex Swing Fun Pack Includes:

Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing

The Screamer Dual Hook is the most popular sex swing on SexSwing.com because of the comfort and safety.

Screamer Squatting Attachment

The popular squatting attachment is perfect for those looking for an extra adventure.

All Swing orders include:
Screamer Headrest
The Headrest is a must to add on to any sex swing for that extra level of comfort

Heavy Duty Swing Spring

The spring can not expand to the point of over extension. It has bars on each side that work like interconnecting fingers to press the bar together, not pull it apart.

Our most recommended spring.

Another benefit to a drawbar spring is that it has closed hoops at both ends. Many springs on the market have more of a hook. This closed hoop adds extras safety to your swing when in use and bouncing about.

** Please note: Most swings come with a spring. If not, the item will state that in the description. SCREAMER BRAND SWINGS HAVE HEAVY DUTY SPRINGS INCLUDED. Drawbar style safety spring with 350 pound weight limit.

Swing and Stand Combo

Screamer Swing and Stand Includes:

Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing

The Screamer Dual Hook is the most popular sex swing on SexSwing.com because of the comfort and safety.

Screamer Headrest

Eliminate neck pain with our free headrest. The Headrest is a must to any sex swing for that extra level of comfort and relaxation.

Universal Sex Swing Stand

The Universal Sex Swing stand is perfect for those that can not screw hooks into their ceiling or would like a storable and portable option.

Universal Handle Set

Fully adjustable handles with comfort tubing. Compatible with any sex swing on the market.

Screamer Twist Sex Swing

NOTE: Springs and Chains INCLUDED also includes FREE CARRYING BAG for the swing

The Twist Sex Swing by Madam Ang has all the great comfort of the single hook, with the added adventure of spinning. While it does not have the same weight limit as the Screamer Dual Hook by Madam Ang system (single hook is 250lbs, Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing is 400 lbs), it can be easily used with only one hook installation.

You can also add the Screamer Sex Squatting Attachment to this order for another adventure in sex fun.
Screamer Sex Swings come with an ultra comfortable 4 inch webbing and padding seat and back strap. That is wider than any other sex swing on the market.

strong>Twist Sex Swing by Madam Ang

Made in the USA

Your package includes:

1 Carrying bag
1 Swivel hook
1 Spring
1 Chain
4 Carabiners
1 Quick link
1 Set of hand grips
1 Set of stirrups
1 Back belt
1 Seat belt

Your swing is easy to assemble. You must install a ceiling eye hook or use a free-standing sex swing stand. A ceiling eye hook can be purchased from any hardware or home improvement store.

Screamer Over the Door Mounting System

THIS IS JUST THE MOUNTING SYSTEM- this does not come with a swing. It will attach to the dual hook sex swing system by Screamer.

Screamer offers an over the door sex swing. Fantastic for travel and people who live in apartments or rent their homes and can not drill into ceilings and do not want sex swing stands.

IF you already have the dual hook, check out this attachment and have some extra fun!

Screamer Sex Sling Conversion Kit

*NOTE: Conversion kits come with chain and springs to make into a full sling. The stirrups and handles are not included, those come with the swing itself, this is just a conversion kit
The Screamer Sex Sling Conversion Kit is great if you have a dual hook or single hook set up from Screamer already. The attachment does not come with stirrups or hand grips (that is included with your standard screamer sex swing dual hook set up).

The Screamer Sex Sling Attachment is made of midnight blue micro suede and is so soft. It is also wide enough to make you just melt with pleasure.

Sex Sling Chain Kit

This Sex Sling Chain Kit Includes:

4 – 18 inch chains
4 –  carabiners
4 – eye-hook
4- heavy duty springs

This does not include a sling, this is just the chain and mounting kit.

Leg supports

Do you need extra leg supports? Try our univeral leg supports. Comes with 2 leg supports.

Screamer Over the Door Sex Swing

Are you ready for some extra fun? Screamer has done it again with the over the door sex swing! Simply place 2 inserts between the door and the door frame, close and clip up your swing. Fantastic for travel, apartments or rental.

Simple to use and take down for quick storage. Simply place the webbing between the door jam and close the door. A rod on one side keeps it secure and hook up your swing. You are ready to go in less than 30 seconds.