Screamer Single Hook Bar


Screamer Single Hook Bar



A single ceiling point 32 inch spreader bar by Screamer is perfect for the squatting attachment if you do not have a Screamer or Whip Smart brand sex swing or to simply have another option with your dual hook swing to make it into a single point ceiling attachment swing. This bar separates in the center for easy storage and transportation.

This is the bar only with one spring. You may want to add the squatting attachment and the handle set attachment.

Frequently Bought Together

+ Screamer Sex Swing Bondage Cuff Set + Screamer 2 hook swing
Price for all three: $387.00

Product Specs


The overhead spreader bar is the same exact bar that comes with the Screamer Twist sex swing, but it is sold separately as well. This is not an item that is required to purchase for any swing, but it only for people that want to add something extra.

The two most common uses for the Over Head Bar is to turn a dual hook swing into a single hook and for bondage.

A dual hook swing is wide, comfortable, and with 2 mounting points even safer than using a single mounting point. A lot of people love this and that is why the dual hook swing is the most popular selling swing by far on

But for some people, they want the comfort of the dual hook, but on those freaky days, they want to have a spinning swing, they can use this bar to convert their dual hook swing to a single hook without buying another swing.

The other popular use for these bars is for overhead bondage points. This bar was not designed for suspension or hanging a person, but it is an excellent option for light bondage tie points with our without using a swing. Many people that buy this item do not even own a swing and want it just for bondage play.

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