Whipsmart Pleasure Swing Instructions

The Pleasure Swing from Whipsmart is a standard single hook swing. All the instructions included with the swing are listed below, but there are a few extra things you can do with this swing that are not included in this booklet. For more information, check out our pages about swivels and squatting attachments. Or check out our Positions Guide for the Pleasure Swing

Page 1 of the pleasure swing instruction booklet
pleasure swing instruction booklet page 2
pleasure swing instrcution booklet page 3 position recommendations
Pleasure Swing instruction booklet page 4 more recommended positions
additional postion images for the whipsmart pleasure swing page 4 of the instruction booklet
page 5 of the whipsmart pleasure swing installation booklet. Instalation and safety instructions.
Assemply and strap diagram for the pleasure swing - page 6 of the pleasure swing instruction booklet.