Assembling the New Screamer Sex Swing Stand

OK – so swing stands all try to sound easy to assemble. Most brands talk about taking only a few minutes… blah blah blah. Well no. I own them all, and that is a no. First, no stands can be assembled that easy or fast. In fact, all of them take two people, and with the case of some sling stands, it is even tricky with two people and easier with 3 or 4. That was all until now. I am a girl under 5 foot tall, and I own all of the swing stands. And this new Screamer Sex Swing Stand is the only one that I would even attempt to put together on my own. Let’s take a look at how to do this.

Screamer Sex Swing Stand Assembly

Step 1 – Assemble the 4 legs.
Step 2 – Attach two legs to the top hinged bar. Attach the two legs to the top of the bar. The metal brackets in the middle of the legs should be aiming towards the floor. Attaching all four legs at this point will make the stand heavier to lift.
Step 3 – Lift the stand to lean against the wall. When doing this, keeping the bottom of the legs pressed against the wall will make it easier to lift. Once it is lifted up, move the bottom of the legs away from the wall, so the stand does not fall on you.
Step 4 – Add the last two legs to the stand making sure the brackets on those legs are aiming towards the wall or the brackets on the first two legs.
Step 5 – Grab the two legs that you added in step 4 which are the ones away from the wall. Walk them backward a couple of feet to open up the stand.
Step 6 – Install the crossbars to secure the stand

Obviously, if you skipped the video and just read these instructions, this stand can sound incredibly complicated. It is not. I encourage you to scroll back up this page and watch the video. This swing sex stand is great, and assembly is easy.

As a bonus, this stand is the only one that works with single and dual hook sex swings.