Basic Installation

You just go your brand new sex swing and can’t wait to get started. This will get you going, but you can also check out our extensive sex swing installation section.

Installing your new sex swing your ceiling is not the only option. There are many other options such as a stand or hallway mounting options here. But the ceiling mounting method is the most common so here is how it goes.

Sex Swing Ceiling Mounting Option

If you choose a direct ceiling mount, you will need to install a mounting point. If you are not comfortable doing this, I would strongly just hiring a local handyman to do it for you. They will have a stud finder and be able to do this very quickly probably for a few bucks depending on where you live.

Lag Eye Hook Screw

There are two popular options for ceiling mounts. They are the standard eye hook and the tiedown anchor. Both of these are available at home depot for a couple of dollars.. Some swings come with the eye hook included; others do not.

Tie down anchors will typically have a much higher weight limit than an eye hook. They are stronger because most eye hooks are bent into hooks on the end and not welded. The weakest point of the eye hook is not where it screws into the ceiling, but the hook itself. Under load, there is a risk of the hook bending or breaking.

If you need an eye hook and want to get the higher weight limit you will need to find a cast or welded eye hook. These typically do not ship with swings and are not readily available at Home Depot, but you can order it online at Amazon.

Sex Swing Ceiling Mount

A tie-down anchor, on the other hand, is typically made with a welded D-ring mounted with two lag bolts into your ceiling, which will give a much better anchor and be much more secure. If you are going with a tiedown anchor, you will need two lag bolts per mounting point. Get the largest size that will fit with your anchor and at least two inches long.

No matter which option you choose for you, it is VERY IMPORTANT that once you install a mounting point, you do not remove it. Reinstalling a mounting point a second time in the same hole will significantly weaken the mounting point and cause risk or injury. Once you put your mounting point in, leave it!

Once you have your hardware, it is time to install your mounting points. It is critical that you find a ceiling joist. Screwing into drywall will not hold anything. Additionally, it is important to locate the center of the joist. Hanging a sex swing is not like hanging a picture or a clock. You want your screw in the heart of the wood and able to hold a lot of weight. Being off to the side or screwing in at an angle may cause the wood to split without you being able to see it which would weaken the mounting point.

There are many ways to find a joist in your ceiling. I am going to leave that up to a building site for more information on that. Here is a reference that may help you with that if you do not know how to do it.

Something important and not to be overlooked in that article is:

I use a 10d finish nail when I can to find wall studs. These create tiny holes that are easily patched with spackling compound.
My technique is to find at least one part of the wall stud and then drive nearby holes that tell me where the edges of the stud are. Once I find the edges, and most studs are 1.5 inches wide, I then know where the center of it is

I always do this. I find a very small nail or even a large needle, and I make tiny holes on the sides of where I believe a joist is while trying to locate the exact edges of the joist. I want to be comfortable and relaxed and enjoy my swing. The last thing I want to do is worry about if I hung it securely. That to me is worth the extra couple holes that are easy to patch. Check out this video about what happens if you do not find the center of a stud.


For a single hook swing, the only real requirement is to install the swing at least “3ft” from all of the walls. A lot of people like to use the spinning features of single hook swings, so space is required. Even just laying back in the swing or having room to move your arms does take additional space.


For dual hook swings, you will need to install two hooks; they will need to be between “24 apart. About “30-36 works well, but if you are installing your swing perpendicular to the direction of your ceiling joists, your choices will be limited to where the joists are. In general, a wider mounting distance is more comfortable for people with wider hips. Make sure you are installing your swing far enough away from all walls to lay back in the swing and have room to move.

More creative mounting ideas can be found on our guide for 7 ways to install a sex swing.