Always Use The Sex Swing Spring

I know I have covered the springs for sex swings a few times in my blog but it is just so important that I want to make sure everyone knows. I know people personally who have been hurt by sex swings for this very reason. I have seen a 100 pound girl break a stand that was rated for 300 pounds just by not using the spring.

So I created this video for YouTube to show people exactly what is happening. Some people like pain mixed in with their sex, but I am guessing that getting stitches in your head or breaking your back is not what they had in mind. So be safe!!!!!

If you need a stronger spring, check here.

Technically Speaking

To understand what is really going on here, we need to get a little more technical. If you want to get really really technical, you can check out this Wikipedia link on damping.

Ok – that link was fun. Let me just explain it like this. When you get in a car accident, your airbag deploys and is designed to slow you down gradually rather than abruptly when you hit the steering wheel. This longer period of slowing down spreads the energy out and makes it hopefully hurt less.

Well, this same force applies to pretty much everything that moves from your car to your washing machine to your sex swing. If you go inside your washing machine, you can grab the wash bin and shake it back and forth. It moves. There are springs in there to allow it to move for dampening. You can pull out your fridge and look underneath and find the motor, there are most likely springs or rubber pucks that act the same as springs, they add damping. This is in your car suspension as well. Most things that move have dampers…. this is the same reason your bicycle has rubber tires.

For a sex swing, the spring is the damper.