Plus Size Sex Swings

Safety first right? The most common questions we receive are about the sex swing weight limit and plus size sex swing users. The answer is not as simple as reading the number for the weight limit from the manufacturer. The goal of a sex swing is to have a fucking good time. You can not do that if the swing is so uncomfortable you never want to use it again. So if you find yourself on the larger side, do your research, find the perfect swing for you based on COMFORT, weight limits, and your budget.

Let’s dive in!

You may have seen the ads saying weight maxes such as; 400 pound sex swing…. “600 sex swing…. 1000 pound sex swing. You may be thinking- This is AWESOME! But, let me pose this question, a steel cable can have a weight limit of 40,000 pounds, supporting things like bridges and buildings. You wouldn’t want to string that up and use that as a sex swing would you? Definitely not.

Sexy for a bridge, not sexy as in sexy!

The reason is simple, just because something can hold the weight does not mean it will be comfortable or usable in your bedroom.

It does not matter if you are plus size, a BBW or just have some curves in your hips, you need a swing that is comfortable enough to use. To find the perfect sex swing we have analyzed every sex swing on the market so we can help you. We found the secret is having a wider sex swing seat with larger/longer straps.

Not digging into the hips
This is what you want!

Types Of Sex Swings For Those With Curves

There are several types of sex swings and sex slings, but for the plus size sex swing users we are going to focus on two specifically: dual hook sex swing and sex sling.

The problem with other sex swing styles, such as a single hook or a door swing, is that they just do not work for curvy or larger people. Door swings for example are a very popular low cost option, but they are extremely limiting in positions and they are typically uncomfortable if you have curves. When curvy people add with less flexibility and the limitations of the door, there is just very little practical use for a sex swing in the plus size world. Moving on….

Single Hook sex swings are not something we would recommend for anyone with hips and curves because single hook sex swings tend to be very narrow and put a lot of pressure on your hips making it much less comfortable. This is different than a smaller woman who weights 100 pounds and is built very thin. Here we are talking about curves!

Sex Slings for BBWs

A sex sling is a great option for plus size users because it has 4 mounting points and a very large surface area. With 4 mounting points, there is less load on each mounting location. If a 300 pound person sits in a single hook- single-point sex swing, the total load on that mounting point is 300 pound. With a sex sling that has 4 mounting points, the weight is divided to an average of 75 pounds on each point. Since the most common cause of sex swing failure is the way people install it, this is a significant difference and much safer.

Typically a sling has a large surface area such as 600 square inches. This means your weight is supported by up to 600 square inches. Compare this to a swing that has 2 straps that are about 4 inches wide and 18 inches long for a total of 144 inches of surface area. This means that you will have 1/4 the amount of pressure on a sling as a swing.

So a sex sling is safer than a single point mounted swing and much more comfortable. However, all good things do have a drawback and with the sex sling, it is the limited in the number of positions that you have. In a sex sling, you will be limited to having one person laying on their back. This is good for a missionary style standing position and oral sex positions. A sling is also a favorite of people with mobility issues or hip/back pain. However, it is far more limiting than a swing.

Our recommendation would be to look at the Stockroom Web Leather Sling. We would choose this for higher weight users because it is a durable sling and the most comfortable. Several of the other slings are assembled in a way that there is a sharp corner that digs into your thighs. Again this is a non issue for very small people, but if you are a BBW, the digging in will be an issue so head our advice here.

When you get your sex sling from we always include a free chain kit. Note: Slings do not come with headrest as they are built to support the full back, neck and head.

Dual Hook Sex Swing

A dual hook sex swing will offer a lot more positions than the sex sling and it only requires 2 mounting points and not 4. The reason we recommend a dual hook swing over a single hook swing that only requires 1 mounting point is both comfort and safety.

The best options for a dual hook are as follows:
Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing
Wild Side Sex Swing


The most comfortable swing regardless of your size would be the Screamer Dual Hook. It has wide 4″ padded main straps. What makes this sex swing so comfortable for those that are plus size is that it has 4″ of webbing under the padding and that give structure to the seat. The Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing also has all-metal hardware.

You want to install the Screamer Sex Swing Dual Hook wide so you give your hips more room.


A dual hook sex swing mounts in 2 locations in the ceiling our personal favorite would be a Screamer Sex Swing Stand.

Because of the unique design of a dual hook sex swing the swing mounts to 2 different locations and doesn’t have a bar overhead. This design separates the weight load into 2 (half on each side). So these are far safer and less likely to fail than a single point mount.

With the Screamer, you will get all metal hardware and that is also safer. We have seen plastic adjusters fail, and with metal you are secure.

Ask us!

If you find yourself in the plus-size category and still have questions that we have not answered here, feel free to reach out to our experts and we will be happy to help you find the perfect sex swing for your situation.