Whipsmart with Spinning And Squatting Combo

Whipsmart with Spinning And Squatting Combo


Moved: This combo kit has been discontinued, however, if you head over to the Whipsmart swing page you can add squatters and a swivel to your order and receive a bundle discount.

Our favorite spinning swing is the Whipsmart pleasure swing. Because it is higher quality than most of the other spinning swings and it is narrow it makes a great spinner. Unfortunately, it does not come a spinning swing. So in this kit, we have assembled the most popular combinations of accessories for a great Black Friday Special

  • Whipsmart Pleasure Swing
  • Swivel Hook
  • Squatting attachment
  • Free headrest

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Frequently Bought Together

Whipsmart Pleasure Sex Swing in Black + screamer sex swing stand +
Price for all three: $616.00

Product Specs

Type: Swing
Color: Black, White, Cheetah
Weight Limit: 200#
sex swing weight limit help IMPORTANT:For most situations, use the weight of the heaviest person that will sit in the swing and NOT the combined weight. The reality is that in most cases only one person will be suspended from a sex swing and the other person will have their weight on the floor. Positions that show both people on a swing are rare, good for photos, and if your combined weight exceeds the weight limit of the swing, most likely you will find these positions to clumsy and awkward to be sexy.
Read more on sex swing weight limits here.
Width: 14.5 inches
Hook Count: Single
Strap Width: 2 Inch
Pad Width: 5 Inch
Pad Length: 28 Inch
Pad Type: 3/4 Inch Medium Density Foam
Spring Type: Extension
Features: Removeable straps, spinning, squatting
Stirrup Loop: 42 inch
Swivel: Yes
Bag: No

Expert Thoughts


The Whipsmart Pleasure Sex Swing’s spinning and squatting combo is one of our most popular kits. The Whipsmart swing has very firm padding which allows it to rank high in comfort and the very narrow bar makes it ideal for a spinning swing. Unfortunately, it does not come as a spinning swing, so most people add the swivel hook.

On top of that, the Whipsmart is one of only 3 brands of sex swings with removable straps. This means it is one of the only sex swings that can support the most popular sex swing attachment, the squatters.

So if everyone is going to buy all these pieces, why not combine them? Well, that is just what we did. With this kit you will get the Whipsmart swing, in your choice of color, the swivel hook, the squatting attachments, and like always, all sex swings from SexSwing.com come with a free headrest.

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