Cheap Sex Swing Review… And Warnings!

Recently, there are a lot of cheap sex swings hitting the market. They appear on sites such as Amazon, eBay, AliExpress and more. Being a swing expert and the largest dedicated swing site on the internet, it was our job to learn more. We are always looking to expand our product lines, so we purchased a bunch of these, with the intent of reviewing and potentially selling them on our site.

What we found was shocking. These sex swings are not only made from the cheapest materials possible with terrible craftsmanship; they had parts that were not even assembled correctly. The strap adjusters were all put on upside down and threaded wrong in a manner that they would not even hold any weight at all.

Beyond the safety issues, the webbing is only about 1.5″ wide and the padding is extremely flimsy. There is pretty much no way to sit on these swings comfortably. (assuming you could do it safely). Just imagine sitting on a piece of rope for 10 minutes while trying to enjoy sex.

These sex swings are a little hard sometimes to detect because they are sold on many sites under many different brand names, and they often use stolen images. If a swing is priced at a price that is too good to be true, it probably is. At, we only sell swings that come from vendors we know, and additionally, we have owned and tested every single product that is on our site.



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