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Wicked- Toy Safe lubercant


Abbys Personal Review
(Special Abby Note: use only a 1/4 pump- this sucker comes out thick and a lot!)

For a long time I was using a silicone base lube with my silicone toys- YIKES… I just never realized it was a silicone base lube. Yes, I loved it. But, toys will “melt” or turn into “cottage cheese texture” if if you use the wrong lube with them. CRAP! Such a blonde I am….

So, I switched, because you never know when a toy will come into play. I decided to change to a toy friendly water-based lube. The issue is some water-based lubes can get sticky or tacky. Simply add water if this happens. But, do we really want this happening? No! Lucky for us technology is getting better can the last several years has seen some awesome companies being born.

This lube will not get sticky and is safe with all toys! I LOVE THIS!!

Plus: It is Glycerin free, Paraben free and has a great non-drip formula. It is also safe with all latex condoms.

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