Tied Tight Leather Sex Sling & Chain Kit

Tied Tight Leather Sex Sling & Chain Kit


Classic black leather, Thanks to the wider design the Tied Tight Sex Sling sports a comfortable sexual experience with every use. The sex sling come complete with leather stirrups and chain kit.

4 mounting points required!

length 38″
width 22″

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Product Specs

Type: Sling
Color: Black
Weight Limit: 300
sex swing weight limit help IMPORTANT:For most situations, use the weight of the heaviest person that will sit in the swing and NOT the combined weight. The reality is that in most cases only one person will be suspended from a sex swing and the other person will have their weight on the floor. Positions that show both people on a swing are rare, good for photos, and if your combined weight exceeds the weight limit of the swing, most likely you will find these positions to clumsy and awkward to be sexy.
Read more on sex swing weight limits here.
Materials: leather
Dimensions: 22" x 38"


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