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Screamer Universal Handle Set

Supported Doggy

The primary benefit of the Screamer Universal Handle Set is the enhanced grip and stability it provides. The handles are designed to be easy to grasp, allowing individuals to maintain a secure hold during various positions and movements. This increased stability can help prevent accidental slips or falls, providing a safer and more controlled experience. These will work with basically any sex swing on the market.

Customer Reviews

The handles provide excellent grip and stability, allowing my partner and me to try out new positions and movements with ease. I appreciate the versatility and adaptability of the set, as it can be used on various sex swings. Definitely worth the investment!

Ryan M, 29, M Build: Plus Size

As someone with mobility challenges, these handles have made a world of difference in our intimate experiences. They provide the support and accessibility I need to fully enjoy and participate in various sexual activities. The handles are comfortable and reliable, instilling a sense of trust and connection between us.

Emma R, M Build: Average

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