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Fetish Yoga Sex Swing

Yoga Sex Swing

1.00 out of 5
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Sometimes I sit and think, WHY DID I NOT THINK OF THAT ONE?  This my friends is one of those items! A yoga sex swing- brilliant. Although when I told my husband, his first reaction was “awesome” then I showed him the moves the guy makes and he said “yoga is for girls”.  Well, with claims to help with more flexibility, balance, toning, strengthening and more stamina, I think this is a keeper! Even if the stamina around here could win gold medals, one can always aim for even deeper perfection, right?

My only issue is the fabric would be way better if it was a jersey knit or a soft cotton- I really don't like the fabric. Also, even though I do yoga, I need to be way more flexible, but we can't have it all. It does take some core strength to use this sex swing. It isn't for everyone.


Product Specs

Hook Count:Single
Has Swivel:no
Includes Bag:no

Abby's Thoughts



Yoga Sex Swing

The Fetish Fantasy Yoga Sex Swing allows you to move in yoga positions during sex in both a horizontal and vertical plane. Amazing esp. for the yogi in your life! This will open you up to new sexual positions you never dreamed of, or perhaps have and now you can!

Enjoy deeply satisfying sex with this one of a kind yoga sex swing!


1 review for Yoga Sex Swing

  1. 1 out of 5

    Michaella D Zetts (verified owner)

    I am in shape, not a yoga guru but thought I could do something with this. Nothing. It’s very difficult to maneuver. The material catches on any dry skin and I hate that feeling. Last, I fell out of it and I still don’t know why. Not for me! That doesn’t mean you won’t love it, just not for me. Also, I didn’t feel very good in it as it squished up my leg muscle and back and I felt all squished and no sexy. Again, I am in shape but I would go with the screamer swing if I were anyone.

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