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It is often said that sex is not everything…. And this is partly true. But I say partly. For any relationship, a great love life is essential to happiness. There are a lot of people that spend decades in sexless marriages and this is really sad. Studies show that sexual dissatisfaction leads to higher divorce rates. Sex is not something that you need to schedule into your life. It is an exciting event that brings you and your partner closer together. Beyond making better marriages, there are countless studies that show how it can improve your physical health and help you live longer.

Tend to your love life

Studies show that there is a direct relationship between the quality of your sex life and the quality of your relationship. What can you do to make spice up your sex life? Check out our blog to learn how a swing can improve your love life.

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  • Sex Sling Installations

    It is pretty common with a sex sling to use a stand. Many people are just not willing to put 4 hooks in their ceiling. If that is the case for you, I would recommend you take a look at our Stands page. Of course if you are OK with 4 mounting points or you have a dedicated room for these types of things, a direct ceiling mount is a great option.


    For a swing, most things are a general guideline and there is not fixed answer. Generally you will be limited in one direction by the spacing of your ceiling studs. In the other direction, I would aim to be near the higher end of the recommend ranges because it will be more comfortable for you.

  • Assembling the New Screamer Stand with 1 person

    OK – so swing stands all try to sound easy to assemble. They all talk about taking only a few minutes… blah blah blah. Well no. I own them all and that is a no. First, there are no stands that can be assembled that easy or fast. In fact, all of the stands take 2 people and with the case of some sling stands, it is even tricky with 2 people and easier with 3 or 4…. That was all until now. I am a girl under 5 foot tall and I own all of the swing stands. And this new Screamer Sex Swing Stand is the only one that I would even attempt to put together on my own. Lets take a look at how to do this…


    Screamer Sex Swing Stand Assembly

  • 7 Ways to Install Your Sex Swing

    The top question everyone seems to have about a sex swing is how to install it… and even more, how to do it so you do not have to explain the ceiling hook in to your mother-in-law. Here are 7 ways that I install sex swings.


    #1 Direct mount

    Sex Swing Ceiling MountEveryone knows the direct ceiling mount method. Here you can use a eye hook or a tie down mount and screw it directly into your ceiling. This is actually the strongest and most practical method. This may not be for everyone because they are worried about having a ceiling hook in their ceiling and people seeing it, or they are living in a rental and not allowed to put anything in the ceiling. For me, this is a method I

  • Wild Side Sex Swing Review

    So if you are looking for an entry level swing at an affordable price but a reasonable amound of comfort, the Wild Side Sex Swing may just be the swing for you.


    The Wide Sells in the same price range as a Trinity or any of the other lower end swings. But this swing has a couple real advantages for comfort. First, the padding is much better then those in the same class, and additionally it is a dual hook swing. A dual hook swing allows the swing to be much wider and can greatly improve comfort, especially if you have larger hips.

    Obviously the draw backs of a dual hook swing are that it requires 2 mounting point and it can never spin. This is OK for a lot of people, the comfort and

  • Door Swings – Basic Types

    If you have decided that a door swing is for you, then will be confronted with 2 basic options. Deluxe or standard swings?


    door sex swingFor door swings, most brands use the deluxe model to indicate that the swing has a primary strap to sit on. With standard swings, there is no primary strap so your weight is completely supported by a narrow strap around your legs. This can be painful for some people.

    In general, I personally am not a big fan of door swings. I do not find them that comfortable and I think they are too limited in positions. On the other hand, there are people that need them for travel such as a hotel or they live in a small apartment…. and there are some girls in

  • Abby’s Traveling Swing Gear

    When I get support calls and chats, one of the most common guestions is what swings I actually use. Well this is a little bit tricky because I do own all of them in every color. It is my job.

    So I am on a road trip across the country and have taken some gear with me so I can work and play. What I am going to do here is to show you all of the sex swings and gear I have brought with me and tell you why I brought it. So this will give you a little glimpse into my life.


    Sex Swing Accessories
    For accessories, I am currently only carrying a few.
    Universal Headrest – This is a given. It is pretty much required for any swing, so nobody

  • Sex Swing Spring Issue (some brands)

    So over the last year or so, we have noticed an issue with the spring and chain on 4 different brands of swings. These would be the swings by

    Lux Fetish

    So first, we are not sure why this same issue is happening in all 4 of these brands and no place else. Is this a product of using the same manufacturer? Copying each others products? Not sure, but it is an issue…. well actually there are 2 issues. It is just a mystery which on you will get.

    Problem A

    You receive a chain and a spring. The spring has a closed loop on the end so there is no way to attach it to the swing. I have seen some times where they send you an extra link to connect the chain to the spring, but many times they do not. This means if you need the swing

  • Sex Swings and Swivel Hooks

    So spinning sex swings are pretty popular. Unfortunately there are only a couple on the market. The TLC Spinning, the Madame Ang Twist, The Fetish Spinning swing and the Trinity 360. Other then that, the swings do not spin.

    So maybe you want a swing that is not on this list or you bought a swing and now you wished you had gone with the spinning swing. Well the great news is, you can add a swivel hook to any single hook swing and make it spin.

    Now it is important to mention that you can not add 2 swivel hooks to a dual hook swing and make it sping. I know, I am blonde, and I would have done this myself, but it will not work. We find catch these orders all the time in shipping where people order a dual hook and 2 swivels.

  • Bondage Sex Swings

    There are really 2 primary bondage sex swings currently on the markets (although I hear rumors of a couple future products). Currently your choices are the TLC Bondage Swing and the Fetish Bondage Swing….

    Well they are pretty much exactly identical. That is pretty unfortunate in my book because I like choices. I like to choose the options that I am going to have. But that is not what we have here.

    So in the current market, I say go for price. Pick the brand that is the better price and be happy with that. The differences in the swing are so small that I can hardly tell and I do this for a living.

    NOTE: You will see a couple differences in these videos if you look really close. I have seen the TLC come a couple different ways. The differences make no difference in comfort or anything else,

  • Squatting Attachment

    There is a very old video out there from 2013 where I, Abby, talk about the squatting attachment. Back then the squatting attachment were these huge springs. Fast forward to now and you will find a much better squatting attachment. When you’re dealing with sex swing attachments no attachment is better than the squatting attachment. Truly turn any girl into a world class porn star. We have heard from thousands of users and they all rave about the ability for the girl to squat over the guy and have amazing bounce ability.

    The key to the squatting attachment is the custom design of the bungee system that allows for bounce back recoil. If you are under 150lbs use one set, over 150lbs use 2 sets. The squatting attachment are only custom bungees. The squatting attachements are NOT designed to support body weight.



  • Screamer Sex Swing: Updated designs

    You may have noticed a few design improvements in the Screamer line but I wanted to talk about some of them and why they implemented the changes- let’s go!

    As of Fall 2016

    New Name

    First the name: Screamer Sex Swings changed it name to Screamer Sex Swings by Madam Ang (Note also called Madam Ang’s Screamer). It was simply a branding decision by the company.

    New Swing Design

    The design! We here at SexSwing.com are pretty excited about these changes. The main straps have a new type of clip (we call it an alligator clip). This allow for 2 awesome things- 1) not as wide and bulky straps!!! And 2) even more height adjustment. This is ideal for anyone needing to use a swing with a stand or short ceilings. It can literally be adjusted all the way to the top attachment now.

    The handles and stirrups and actual seat/back support padding are all

  • Abby’s preferred ceiling mount option

    One of most common questions is “how do I mount my swing?” Or people think that their swing should come with eye hooks. But really there are so many different ways to mount a swing, from an eye hook to an over the beam system to a stand and many more, it is impossible for a swing manufacturer to know your specific mounting needs. Plus, it is also to make sure your mounting system is your choice and your installation.

    Over the years I have gotten great feedback from customers on mounting systems. My new favorite is a plate with a ring. Sometimes called “surface mounts” sometimes called “plate tie downs” or other things too! I have found them at Tractor Supply Company and hardware stores. At Lowes and Home Depot they are located near tie downs and tow

    There are a few options:

    The hook option: