Strict Leather Bondage Gear

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Recently I have really begun to appreciate leather in sex. The problem is, in the Sex Swing industry, there are only a few on the market. I have seen some really nicely made ones and some not so nice ones. This is a review on Strict Leather’s Sex Sling.

I guess over time the leather will loosen and give a bit more, but it is stiff. I questioned if it was real leather. But, doing a bit of research, I found that it is, in fact, leather and cow leather at that. The reason it is so stiff is that it is latigo leather. This type of leather is treated with Alum- think, pickles. It is what makes pickles crunchy. This type of leather is what saddles are made of and other whips paddles.

This thickness is for strength in your sex sling. However, the drawback is that it is not the most flexible. The Strict Leather sling could have been planned a lot better. I kinda feel like it was something that was slapped together: “Hey let’s make a sling” – and not tested for comfort.

The bottom straps are not sewing in the right direction. They twist, and no matter how you hang the sling, it will twist. The issue that this caused is where it twist is where your hips rest and this twisting causing pinching.

Strict Leather Premium Sex Swing

The second issue is the bottom of the sling body- where your bum would rest – the corners are not rounded and are very sharp. I find this the most obvious sign that this sling was not “tested” because they rounded other corners, just not the one you SIT on- huh?

The body has two layers that could have been riveted better. There are gaps in places because of the poor design.

The pillow was comfortable although I felt like I was in a “giving birth” position when having sex in it. But, it was comfortable. The pillow is removable in a nifty way from the back of the sling. I give this feature an A+. The pillow is also made with a different kind of leather, a very soft leather.

Strict Leather Sex Sling does NOT come with chains, and this is important. We do sell sex sling chain on our website. It also comes with no mounting system. So you will need to pick what kind of mounting system you would like.

I do not think this is a bad sling for the price. It is mid-range in price and a lower end in price for a true leather sling. I do think there are things that Strict Leather could do to improve this sex sling, but if you don’t mind a little bit of pinching around, your bum and hips then this is a great entry level leather sex sling that will go great in your fetish or bondage play.