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Strict Leather Premium Sex Sling + Chain Kit

Strict Leather Premium Sex Sling + Chain Kit Positions

Supported Doggy

This Premium Sex Sling envelops you in a world of pure sensuality. The gentle caress of the material against your skin adds an extra layer of eroticism to your intimate encounters. With its adjustable straps and sturdy design, this premium sex sling offers both comfort and versatility, allowing you to explore a multitude of pleasurable positions with grace and style.This swing arrives able to do 5 positions out of the box. This kit opens up a world of possibilities.

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If you value your privacy and want a discreet yet thrilling addition to your intimate moments, this sex sling kit is just perfect. Don’t let its size fool you, though, the pleasure it provides is anything but small!

Johnny M, 48, M Build: Plus Size

This sex swing is the ultimate dream come true for thrill-seekers in the bedroom, whether you prefer a slow and sensual sway or a rhythmic swinging motion, this sling will do the job!!!

Kevin S, 39, M Build: Average

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