D’Lux Door Sex Swing

D’Lux Door Sex Swing


You desire the best and with the D’Lux Door Sex Swing is the premium door sex swing of your fantasies. The D’Lux Door Sex Swing provides comfort and ultimate security. Comfortable padded main seat seat with foot stirrups and easy grip handles for her to grip tight as you make her dreams come true.  You enjoy her pleasure and we know that turns you on the most and this door sex swing will give it all to you as you give it to her.

Any doorway instantly becomes an erotic sexual playground for your fantasies. Simply secure the anchor dowels over the top of a door and close it tight, don’t forget to lock it for safety and privacy. Adjust as needed to give you premium leverage and ultimate sexual positioning at any angle.

Product Specs

Color: black
Position Count: 9


Ready to take your sex life to a new level, anytime, anywhere in just seconds? The D’Lux is the ultimate door swing for your desires.


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