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Ouch! Door Swing

Ouch! Door Swing Positions

Supported Doggy

This swing and its inverted or suspended positions can promote increased blood flow to the pelvic region, enhancing arousal and sensitivity. This swing allow you to perform a total amount of 4 positions. It is very flexible, the adjustable handles or stirrups ensure comfort and support for both partners.

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Customer Reviews

The Ouch! Door Swing has revolutionized our intimacy! It’s incredibly well-made, and the padding ensures that it’s comfortable for extended play sessions. We love how easy it is to adjust and how it fits securely on any door. It made our nights unforgettable! It’s a fantastic addition to our sex life. The quality is exceptional, and it provides a whole new level of excitement and pleasure. It’s a must-have for sure!

Patrick A, 44, M Build: Average

I have to say, The Ouch! Door Swing has completely transformed our sex life. It’s like having our own private pleasure playground! The straps are adjustable and secure, it provides a comfortable and exhilarating experience. It’s definitely a worthy purchase. I totally recomend it.

Lois M, 51, M Build: Average

Wow, just wow! This door sex swing has exceeded all our expectations. The durable materials and the comfortable padding make it perfect for hours of exploration. It’s no doubt a versatile piece of equipment that has truly taken our love life to new heights.

William F, 45, M Build: Plus Size

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