Media Inquiries

As the leader in sex swings, we get our fair share of requests for interviews and assistance with articles as well as TV and Movie props. We love this part of our company and working closely with leading journalist and movie producers of quality content to offer even more for the end user. It is truly our greatest honor to educate the public and offer fun and creative ideas for valued entertainment. 

Our staff has years of experience not only selling sex swings but using, testing, manufacturing and educating people about sex swings. If you have an upcoming project related to adult novelties, an adult scene involving sex toys and of course sex swings, or you are looking for content ideas for your magazine, blog or podcast, we can help you to provide high quality content. We can even help with custom images unique to your article or target marketing material. 

We have experience in…

  • Magazine Content
  • TV and Movie sex toy props
  • Sex Toy Review Sites
  • Video Blogs
  • Interviews for print/web and podcasts
  • Hotel/Club Planning Consultations for adult themed rooms

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