Wild Side Sex Swing Review

So if you are looking for an entry level swing at an affordable price but a reasonable amount of comfort, the Wild Side Sex Swing may just be the swing for you.


Wild Side Sex Swing Review

The Wild Side in the same price range as a Trinity or any of the other lower end swings. But this swing has a couple of real advantages for comfort. First, the padding is much better than those in the same class, and additionally, it is a dual hook swing. A dual hook swing allows the swing to be much wider and can significantly improve comfort when compared to a single hook swing, especially if you have larger hips.

Wild Side Sex Swing ReviewObviously, the drawbacks of a dual hook swing are that it requires two mounting points and it can never spin. This sacrifice is OK for a lot of people, the comfort and safety aspects of a dual hook are worth the trade off.

Additionally, the Wild Side does come in 4 colors.

So if you are looking for getting started with swings, but not wanting to invest in a higher end swing, this may be a great place to start out and test the waters.

Of course, like with all swings, you also get a free headrest with all swings on sex swing.com.